B2B Marketplace or E-procurement?

Pipingonline is an innovative hybrid B2B model:

  • an e-procurement platform (SaaS) for buyers
  • an e-commerce platform (SaaS) for suppliers
  • a B2B marketplace for buyers and suppliers

Pipingonline vs. "horizontal" e-procurement platforms (as Ariba):

Pipingonline.com is a vertical and bespoke e-procurement / e-business platform for the piping and steel industry. Pipingonline is highly specialized in terms of products and procurement /sales workflow to suits the needs and the traditional approaches of buyers and suppliers operating in this specific industry. Pipingonline is backed by industry-specific product and process know how.

The core of our application is our BOQ configurator, which standardizes the generation of standardized RFQs with standardized item codes for above 5 million individual piping and steel products; the standardization of the RFQs and item codes enables the automation of any step of the "RFQ to bids to purchase orders" process.
"Horizontal" e-procurement platforms offer instead a "one fits all" e-procurement solution (commodities, service, contracted works, etc) which has a limited effectiveness for products that required the "RFQ to bids to purchase orders" process to be sourced (as piping and steel). Traditional e-procurement platforms are effective to source products that can be sold based on catalogs and price lists, which is not the case of the portfolio covered by pipingonline.com.

Pipingonline vs. marketplaces (as Alibaba):

Marketplaces are un-specialized and digitalized "yellow-pages", where buyers and suppliers can search for business partners and exchange messages online that may generate leads and new business. We do not offer such type of service on our platform, we aggregate buyers and suppliers with the ultimate goal of helping them finalize real sale & purchase transactions online according to a bespoke workflow fitting the industry. 

Pipingonline vs. suppliers qualification portals (Achille's):

Achille's is an advanced platform to "qualify suppliers" but does not allow buyers and suppliers to finalize actual deals online. Pipingonline qualifies suppliers to offer reliable counterparts to buyers in view of actual online sale & purchase transactions.  



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