The requisition page shows all the requisitions of the organization. Each requisition may have three statuses:

  • draft: work in progress requisitions
  • released: final requisitions, released from technical to procurement for floating 
  • floated: requisitions floated to suppliers for bidding


Bids are associated to "FLOATED" requisitions; each requisition has to undergo these three steps to be processed.

Draft requisitions

Technical staff can work on the requisition until it is correct, complete and final. Draft requisitions can be deleted.

Released requisition

Released requisitions are final requisitions. When technical staff clicks on "release", the requisition becomes ready to be floated to suppliers. As a requisition moves into the released status, it cannot be edited anylonger. However, technical staff may create a new revision of the requisition by clicking on the "duplicate" button next to the requisition name (the duplicate function creates an editable copycat of the released requisition, in draft status)

Floated requisition

Floated requisition are requisitions that have been floated to supplier for bidding (requisitions awaiting for bids). The incoming bids are shown and tabulated underneath each item of floated requisitions. The technical bids evaluation and draft purchase orders are created on floated requisitions.



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