Getting Started

The first user that signs up the company, becomes the Administrator of the organization.

When the Administrator log ins for the first time, the Administrator is redirected to the detailed registration page to provide the details of the organization (=company) and customize our application to fit its needs.

The following steps have to be finalized to setup the company at the first login:

  1. Fill in the "company" tab, providing the name, the D&B number, the industries served, etc. If you do not choose a company name, you can't continue the detailed registration and use our services

  2. Move to the tab "locations": in this tab you can create the HQ, shipping and billing locations for your organization. Locations are relevant for requisitions and purchase orders, as users can pick up the predefined shipping and billing locations when creating requisitions and POs

  3. Move to the next tab "finance": here you define the payment terms accepted by your organization which will will have to be accepted by suppliers before submitting a bid to your organization. In this tab you can also specify the preferred currency of the organization, which is the currency for suppliers' bids and POs

  4. Move to the tab "vendors": in this tab you can list all your approved vendors (i.e. the suppliers that you have qualified). You should find most suppliers of piping and steel products in our supplier selection list, the missing ones can be on boarded by sending invitation emails with the "invite vendors" function (invited vendors are visible after they sign up). If you define a list of approved vendors, your company will be able to decide, RFQ by RFQ, whether to float the RFQ to the approved vendors only or to any supplier (even if not specifically approved by your company) active on the platform (restrict / expand competition, RFQ by RFQ) 

  5. Move to the tab "users": this tab is to manage the users of the organization (add, activate, deactivate users). Each user receives a notification by email as it is added to the organization with a temporary password to log in the first time and start to operate on the platform. A specific role can be attributed to any news user (or more than one), otherwise each new user has the "superuser" access rights by default.

  6. Move to the tab "projects": here you create the projects of your organization, and assign users to projects. The dummy project, available by default to any organization, can be used for requisitions that are not linked to specific projects

  7. Move to the tab "workflow": in this tab you customize the access rights for the roles in your organization and activate / deactivate specific functions of the application (email notifications, two-steps approval of workflow, etc).

As you have done this, we recommend to fill in your own "my account" details (name, surname, contacts, etc) by clicking on your avatar on the top right of your screen.



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