Covered Product Range

As of October 2016, buyers can create and float RFQs for piping and steel products on our platform. focuses on pipes and tubes, valves, pipe and tube fittings, flanges, gaskets piping accessories, fasteners, instrumentation and structural steel (beams, angles, plates, bars) to ASTM, ANSI/ASME, MSS, EN and API in any material grade and configuration. Our configurator covers 90% of the standard piping and structural steel portfolio (approximately 5 million product combinations).

Buyers can also create RFQ for non-standard items, with dimensional values not mapped on the back of the online configurator (user simply has to type the non standard value in the cell, example wall thickness or material grade).

We are constantly at work to add new products, specifications, dimensional ranges and material grades to our portfolio. Should you find missing products, kindly let us know. 

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