BIDS - Create & Submit Bids

In the RFQ section of the dashboard, suppliers see the RFQs floated by buyers that match their portfolios:

After receiving an RFQ, a supplier can:

  1. Visualize the RFQ details to evaluate each lead (header and matching BOQ lines). 

  2. Take the bid / no bid decision: after reviewing the RFQ, the supplier can decide whether to bid or not on the RFQ, or to bid only on specific items of the RFQ

  3. Generate the draft bid: the supplier can create draft bids automatically, by selecting the target items for a bid from the RFQ table and clicking on the "generate bid" button at the bottom of the RFQ page. These actions create bid lines out of the RFQ lines. Supplier can select all items or only some items of the BOQ.

  4. Finalize the bid: the draft bid is generated in the tab "BID" and the supplier can quickly finalize it by entering few critical details (for each bid line) such as brand, origin, unit price, type of packaging etc. Supplier may also attach files and submit comments to qualify the bid technically and commercially (by bid line). 

  5. Fill in the bid header: As the bid is finalized, the supplier shall fill in the "bid header" (bid number, validity, acceptance of buyer's payment terms and conditions of purchase, name of responsible sales rep)

  6. Submit the bid: as all the above is finalized, the supplier can submit the bid to the buyer by clicking the "bid" button


  • Supplier's bid may have some deviations vs. buyer's RFQ: any deviation between the original RFQ value and your bid value is highlighted in red - so buyer and supplier can track them (example: higher wall thickness for a pipe, different delivery date, different MTC, different qty, etc)

  • Supplier can create alternative bids for the same RFQ line by using the duplicate bid function at the end of each bid line

  • The bidding table works as an Excel file, i.e. supplier can copy/paste cells values massively and finalize bids quickly. Any standard Excel function, such as crtl+c / ctrl+v / crtl+z, is available 

  • Supplier can export the bid directly from the table to an external Excel file by copying / pasting the cells

  • The bid and the RFQ can be downloaded in Excel for offline review


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