PO - expediting

A purchase order consists of:

  • an header (general PO data)
  • a list of lines (purchased products) 

From the purchase order area of the dashboard, buyers can open, visualize and expedite the purchase order in cooperation with the supplier:

Track and trace the order lines

For each line of the PO, buyers can see the delivery status (unconfirmed, confirmed, in manufacturing, ready for collection, shipped) as updated by the supplier. The subsequents statuses of any purchase order are: unconfirmed (pending confirmation by supplier), confirmed (supplier has accepted the order and commits to deliver), manufacturing (supplier is manufacturing or sourcing the goods), ready (goods are ready for collection), shipped (goods are underway).

Communicate with the supplier

Buyer can communicate with suppliers with the chat / video call function and with the "message board" tool. Messages written on the "message board" cannot be deleted (this function has been implemented to freeze messages related to agreements between buyers and suppliers). Our messaging facilities eliminate the need for emails, and to build a trasparent history about order execution at PO level. 

Upload / Download PO documents

We have implemented a "files" section where buyers and suppliers can exchange files related to the execution of the PO (documents transmittal), such as formal PO, confirmations, check lists, drawings, technical data sheets, shipping documents. Documents can be uploaded in an organized way (by topic) and downloaded.

The PO page has been designed to keep anything about the PO well organized and traceable, and to simplify the labour of orders expeditors.





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