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Traditionally, the procurement process for piping and steel products starts from a "purchase requisition", which is a paper or electronic document consisting of:

  • an header: the header contains the general details of the requisition, such as date, requisitioner, cost center information, project details, end users, etc 
  • a list of items (BOQ = bill of quantity): the products that need to be purchased

Requisitions are generally created by technical staff, approved for release to procurement, transmitted to procurement, floated by procurement to suppliers. 

Requisitions on pipingonline have the same structure of traditional requisitions (header+BOQ) and follow the same process. The main difference is that requisitions are created in a standardized way (both header and especially BOQ items) and are managed electronically on the platform (creation, release and float).

To create a requisition, users shall:

  1. Click on "new requisition" button, i.e. the "+" button on the top right side of the requisition page
  2. Enter the header of the requisition (which consists in a set of fields grouped under two tabs, "general data" and "bidding terms")
  3. Create the BOQ of the requisition with our online configurator (as the header is completed, users can open the configurator by clicking on the "edit BOQ" button)
  4. Save the draft requisition and keep modifying it until final

After the requisition has been created and checked, it can be "released" from technical to procurement by clicking on the "release" button.



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