The first time you sign in you are redirected to the "company" tab of the detailed registration. You need to fill in the information requested on this tab to continue to use the application.

The fields are:

  • Company name: if your company name is already listed in our database, it will appear in the dropdown and you can just select it; if your company is not listed, click on "Add" button and create your company name
  • Legal form
  • Website: use the format is
  • Dun & Bradstreet: your D&B number, if you have one
  • Type of Business: nature of your business, such as EPC contractor, end user, trader, etc etc
  • Target industries: industries in which you operate, can be more than one 
  • Number of employees: include all your head-counts
  • Revenue previous year
  • General terms and conditions of purchase ("GTC"): we show your GTC, if you have any, to any supplier that receive your RFQ in the bidding phase

As you have filled in all the information in this tab, you can move on with the registration and provide the details requested in the next tabs.



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