BOQ Configurator

The tool you see in the homepage of our website is a simplified version of the "BOQ configurator".

With this tool, buyers of any level of experience can create accurate and standardized list of piping and steel products (to most specifications, configurations, material grades and dimensions) and get them floated to the matching suppliers automatically to solicit bids.

We have built the configurator by mapping most piping and steel products according to the international norms (ASTM, ASME, API, AISC, EN, UNI, DIN) and have grouped products in line with the generally accepted classifications within the industry. 

The BOQ configurator:

  • helps technical staff create accurate and standardized material lists (BOQ of RFQ)
  • is 100% Excel compatible to allow quick and massive data entry and copy/paste from / to external spreadsheets
  • returns standardized item codes for 5 million individual products

The configurator is the core of our application as it allows the automation of any subsequent step of the procurement and sale workflow of buyers and suppliers:

  • automated float of BOQ items to matching suppliers
  • automatic tabulation of incoming bids at item level to make evaluations easy and transparent
  • automatic creation of purchase orders
  • ...

Data are entered once and feed the entire cycle without any need for manipulation. 


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